Administrative Assistant (Part-time)

Summary: The Administrative Assistant is responsible for administering the tasks and functions of the church office in concert with the daily practices of the ministerial staff. In addition to these general duties, the Administrative Assistant will also be responsible for completing tasks related to bookkeeping, office management, church calendar updates, telephone services, publications, and correspondence.

Title: Administrative Assistant

Purpose: To administrate the operations within the church office and maintain the services of bookkeeping, church calendar, answering of phone and e-mails, publications, and correspondence.

Character: The Administrative Assistant will have intimate knowledge of the church’s inner dealings, including how much money people do or don’t give. For this reason, the #1 quality we are looking for is integrity. The Administrative Assistant must be trustworthy with sensitive information.

Service Relationships: The Administrative Assistant is directly responsible to the Senior Pastor or other assigned ministerial staff. The Administrative Assistant may supervise other office assistants or office volunteers.


  • Use QuickBooks to issue checks for payroll and church expenses.
  • Deposit church offerings on Mondays.
  • Acts as receptionist directing phone calls, appointments, and guests.
  • Pick up mail daily.
  • Coordinate the Church Calendar and keep records of the administrative forms related to all events.
  • Ensure that office is supplied (paper, ink, etc.).
  • Keep ministerial staff, deacons, et al. informed of crises or ministry opportunities within the congregation and community.
  • Maintain church files in cooperation with the Church Clerk, Trustees and Treasurer.
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times concerning conversations, giving, and files of the ministerial staff.
  • Prepare, edit and produce all church publications including newsletter, worship bulletins, etc.
  • Take and screen phone calls to the office.
  • Assist the Treasurer and Finance Committee with Budget reports and accountability.

Job Type: Part-Time (13 hours/week)

Salary: $17.75/hr

Location: Coahoma, TX

Required Experience: Intermediate level knowledge of QuickBooks & Microsoft Office Products


If you have any questions or are interested, please send your resume to

Pastor Dave Morgan