Pastor Dave  (432) 279-0323 - cell

Pastor Dave

(432) 279-0323 - cell

David Morgan, Senior Pastor

I arrived here in February 2017, and have fallen in love with these people and this place. My wife (Natalie) and I have four children, and believe our first and highest calling is to shepherd them into Jesus' loving arms. 

My passion for FBC is that we know God and make Him known. Knowing God begins with knowing His Word, so my teaching focuses on exposing exactly what a passage is saying and applying that to your life. 

Making God known is our mission! I want you to know the love, grace, and forgiveness of God. It's found in Jesus. You can find my contact info to the left. Let's get together and talk about Him. 


Tony Baccaari, Student Pastor



Guy White, Deacon



Dean Richters, Deacon


R. L. Coates, Deacon


Jay Holt, Deacon


Teana Roberts-Demeny, Nursery



Latisha Perry, Administrative Assistant